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In addition to completing university and college applications and finishing school with a strong academic average, high school seniors should also devote some time to apply for scholarships. They are an excellent way to supplement the cost of tuitionroom and boardbooks and other expenses and the best part is that they don’t have to be paid back. EVER. That’s free money, people...why not take advantage of it?

If the thought of winning a scholarship seems impossible, you’re probably not looking in the right places. Sure, there will be lots of competition but if you only apply for the scholarships that pertain specifically to you and your unique situation, your chances of winning increase significantly. Check out the links to some popular scholarship databases below, set up a unique profile, and you will find plenty of scholarships you will be eligible for; some are easy, some require work and some are downright strange but you won’t receive any awards unless you get started!

Click HERE for a copy of the PBHS Scholarship Workshop powerpoint presentation!

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FALL APPLICATION - TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

Unique in Canada, the TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are designed to recognize the achievements of youth who are making a difference and help them realize their educational goals. After all, today’s community-minded students are tomorrow’s leaders.

Have you made your community a better place? Then we want to hear from you. You may qualify for one of our Community Scholarships.